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In 2018 the Williamsburg, NY company MSCHF took some Nike Air Max 97’s, injected the soles with holy water from the Jordan River, and sold their “Jesus Shoes” for $3,000. But if you think that was sacrilegious, then Anna Wintour will be sure to require an exorcism after she hears about their new creation, thanks to rapper Future.

“King Toxic” was seen wearing a pair of MSCHF “Birkinstock” sandals made from actual Hermes Birkin bags. Future’s luxury footwear allegedly cost $46,000 – and his set are not even the most expensive ones they make. The sandals are made-to-order and, depending on which bag you choose, prices start at $34,000, but some can go for as high as $76,000.

“Historically, we make luxury objects out of inherently valuable materials,” the company said on their website. “We can look to the Birkin bag itself as the new luxury raw material par excellence. Birkinstocks, though, are no collaboration; perhaps we might more properly call them a transubstantiation.”

MSCHF is not a company in the general usage of the word, though. The collection of ten, –nine men, and one woman– see their creations as statements on society. This is much more about cultural provocateurship than profits. “The cool thing that we have going for us is we set this precedent that we’re not tied to a category or vertical. We did the Jesus shoes, and everyone knows us for that, and then we shut it down,” CEO Gabriel Whaley explained in a New York Times interview last year. “We will never do it again. People are like, ‘Wait, why wouldn’t you double down on that, you would have made so much money!’ But that’s not why we’re here.”

Nevertheless, it doesn’t hurt to know their shoes are apparently so good that Future has bought more than one pair, and so has R&B singer Kehlani. Hopefully, blowing this particular bag will be worth it.