Jason Men’s All-in-One Body Wash

Source: Courtesy of JASON / Courtesy of JASON

It’s not only what you put in your body that matters— what you put on it is just as important. 

With almost 60 years in the personal care industry, JĀSÖN has evolved into a leader in the natural beauty/grooming space. The brand recently launched a new scent in its popular men’s All-in-One Body Wash collection— Ocean Spray. A stark contrast from its usual earthy scents, the brand’s newest release is surprisingly fresh and won’t compete with your favorite cologne.

Noticing that men not only care about their personal care but also the world around them, JĀSÖN offers high-performing dyes free from harsh chemicals and irritants. Composed of 95% natural ingredients, this cleanser removes dirt and grime without harming your skin or the environment.

Check out JĀSÖN MEN’S All-in-One Body Wash at Jason-personalcare.com, Whole Foods Market and select natural stores.