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Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, and Black-ass trap renditions of your favorite carols booming late into the night. Thanks to Tanya Morgan’s Donwill and Another Round’s Heben and Tracy, your holiday festivities just got a bit more turnt.

During this year’s Kwanzaa Spectacular, house DJ Donwill set the party off after dropping a supremely lit version of “Jingle Bells.” After being urged by the crowd to release the audio to the public, the Brooklyn-based emcee and producer put together Trap Kwanzaa Carols, a three-track offering featuring songs like “Jingle Boujee” (in the spirit of “Bad and Boujee”) and “Kwanzaa Cake” (in the spirit of “Gucci Gang”).

“These are songs that I performed at Tracy and Heben’s Kwanzaa Spectacular (Another Round Podcast),” Donwill wrote on Soundcloud. “They are Trap Kwanzaa Carols because why doesn’t Kwanzaa have any cool songs? Black people too musical to not have ANY Kwanzaa music out there in the field so I’m just doing my part to rectify that.”

And don’t get it twisted (as Donwill says on the intro of “Dashiki Tree”): “We celebrate Christmas, but a white man ain’t ever give me s**t but a hard time.”

Let the church say amen.

Listen to Trap Kwanzaa Carols below: