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If you’re an active dater, there’s a good chance that you’ve probably been out with at least one person who spent more time texting than talking to you. Perhaps you decided that you didn’t want to kick it with them ever again as a result—totally understandable. Who has time (or money) to waste on someone that rude?

However, we’re willing to bet that you’ve never been quite as fed up about a trifling texter as Brandon Vezmar. According to The American-Statesman, the 37 year old filed a claim in the amount of $17.31 to recoup what he spent on a movie ticket for a date whom he claims was glued to her phone when she should have been watching Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

After being asked by Vezmar to step outside the theatre to handle her texting, Crystal Cruz allegedly walked out the building—taking her car with her and leaving her date without a ride home. When she ignored his requests for a refund a few days later, the Austin man decided to explore his legal options.

The prince of petty promised to drop his suit.

Inside Edition brought the incompatible pair back together to make amends, and Cruz handed Vezmar an unspecified amount of money, apologized and asked him to “just leave this alone.” The prince of petty promised to drop his suit.

Considering how far and wide this story has traveled, we suspect that Vezmar won’t have this issue with any future dates…if he has any future dates at all.


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