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Lil Yachty's Surprise Birthday Lunch

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It’s no secret or shock that the up and coming rapper Lil Yachty and rapper-turned-show host Joe Budden have had several differences of opinion, as their head-to-head debates are right up there in the top heated moments of 2017.

Yachty’s appearance on Budden’s show on Complex’s Everyday Struggle (which Budden has since left due to contractual issues) left fans wondering if Yachty wasn’t entirely familiar with the terms of his record deal (which he would later clarify on Twitter) while Budden seemed like the overzealous Hip-Hop OG who doesn’t believe someone can be happy all the time. Yachty would later fuel the fire with his fellow Quality Control brethren Migos on the record “Ice Tray,” where the Atlanta spitters voiced their opinions of Budden on wax. Now it seems that the differences between the two will finally be solved in the new year.

Yachty posed a question on his Twitter timeline inquiring if anyone would be interested in a die-hard game of, you guessed it, dodgeball, going up against him and his friends. Always one to step to the plate, no pun intended, Budden quickly responded claiming the young rapper didn’t want any smoke on the diamond. As the two would go over details on the timeline of the match, Yachty alluded that he’d want the Migos on his team, and Budden seemingly was all in on it. When Budden suggested that a media partner should get involved to televise the game, who else but Sean “Diddy” Combs to jump in suggesting that his media company Revolt would want in on the action.

Upon leaving Complex due to the company’s reluctance in restructuring his contract, Budden was reported as being courted by Revolt with upwards to a $5 million deal to provide content for the network. While nothing has been confirmed as of yet, it is interesting to note that Budden will be starring in a year-end recap show on Revolt also starring “Breakfast Club” co-host Charlemagne Tha God.

Here’s to more and more disputes being resolved in means of athletic supremacy. Check out the tweets below.