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Another group of powerful women is planning a protest against sexual harassment. In solidarity with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement supporters who wore black to the Golden Globes, the Democratic Women’s Working Group is planning to also don black. They will wear their protest to the upcoming State of the Union on January 30, NBC News reported.

Democratic women in the House, led by Calfornia Rep. Jackie Speier, recognize the importance of standing up against sex abuses.”This is a culture change that is sweeping the country, and Congress is embracing it,” Speier said on Tuesday.

Women and men across party lines are being invited to join in the protest, Speier explained to NBC.

The group’s announcement comes on the heels of the powerful demonstration against sex harassment by Hollywood actresses, directors and other power players who united with activists at the Golden Globes. Women proudly wore black, including Tracee Ellis Ross, Shonda Rhimes, Tessa Thompson and Mariah Carey. Of course, Oprah delivered an incredible speech and spoke out against abuse, a growing issue that has drawn concern across multiple industries.

Tons of allegations have come out of the woodwork since Harvey Weinstein’s misconduct came to light in October.

In recent months, activists have created or nurtured impactful movements against harassment. Tarana Burke, who started #MeToo ten years ago, focused on connecting with abuse survivors. “[I was] trying to find a succinct way to show empathy,” Burke said to Democracy Now in October. “Me too is so powerful because somebody had said it to me and it changed the trajectory of my healing process once I heard that. Me too was about reaching the places that other people wouldn’t go, bringing messages and words and encouragement to survivors of sexual violence where other people wouldn’t be talking about it.”

Rhimes, along with other Hollywood women, began the #TimesUp movement just a few weeks ago.

SOURCE: NBC NewsDemocracy Now


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