LGBT Profiles in Black: The Courage To Be Free


The city of Atlanta has become a mecca for Black culture and entertainment. It is a city where the careers of many of our current television and movie stars have been launched. Whether behind the scenes or in front of the camera, the LGBTQ community has played a major role in this growth, creating visibility for narratives that have long existed, but never fully represented in Hollywood.

Lawrence “Ms. Lawrence” Washington, a recognizable “beat” face on the television screen, and powerful voice in the community, is a native of Atlanta who has garnered fame. His presence on primetime television as one of the talents shining on FOX Network’s hit sitcom Star inspires those who need to know that they can be successful while remaining true to who they are.

Ms. Lawrence has built a career in spite of the hurdles he has faced. He dodged fists and bullets, but has emerged as a proud, Black gender nonconforming, visionary.

In the video profile above, he shares a small part of his story of triumph, and “come up,” to encourage young people coming behind him to live in their truth. Today, he feels that it is his duty to walk alongside LGBTQ youth in their quest for freedom and life. He’s a Black LGBT person who is unapologetic, and CASSIUS celebrates him as an icon this Black History Month.