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Knowing O.J. Simpson, he’s out socializing with a couple of young women after his latest legal victory. A Los Angeles judge on Tuesday sided with him in an attempt to collect on the millions he owes from a 1997 civil court judgment.

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Fred Goldman, the father of the man Simpson was acquitted of killing, and his attorney seldom miss an opportunity to try to collect on that judgment. They pounce “every time they hear a rumor, see something on television, or read in an internet news posting, a mere vague allegation involving Mr. Simpson’s commercial exploitation of himself,” the former athlete’s attorney told the court.

Goldman sued Simpson in civil court three years after a jury acquitted the former athlete in 1994 of murdering Goldman’s son, Ron Goldman, and his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson. Simpson was ordered to pay Goldman $33.5 million, which has ballooned to more than $70 million.

This latest attempt to cash in stemmed from the ex-football star selling autographs after his prison release in October for armed robbery. The money he earned from the autograph sales went to pay off legal bills, one of Simpson’s lawyers told the court. The court denied Goldman’s request to get paid from the autograph sale because he could not identify who paid Simpson.

One of Goldman’s lawyers has described Simpson’s legal team as masterful at protecting his assets from collection. The lion’s share of The Juice’s remaining wealth is in pension funds that Goldman cannot touch. The lawyer also speculated that Simpson’s team has set up offshore accounts to hide money. However, over the two decades since the judgment, Goldman seized some of Simpson’s money, such as royalties from video games and the rights to a ghostwritten book.


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