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Brent Faiyaz performs a sold out show at Union Stage in Washington, DC.

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Brent Faiyaz feat. Drake — “Wasting Time”

Brent Faiyaz and Drake team up on a highly-anticipated collaboration, “Wasting Time.”

Over an instrumental by the legendary Neptunes, Brent and Drizzy sing and rap about the ups, downs, trials and tribulations of romance.

“If you’re going to waste your time, then waste your time with me,” Faiyaz sings on the track. “You could have all the space, more than you need, there’s no pressure, girl,” he continues.

On the other hand, Drizzy reflects on the lows more acutely. “Disappointment, I stay expectin’ it,” he raps. “The pessimist gold medalist, flush the Magnum just so they not collecting my specimens.”

Drake has praised Faiyaz in the past. Back in 2018, the OVO head reportedly thanked Brent among others for inspiring his I>Scorpion LP, according to The Fader. Now, the two are finally united on a track.

Listen to “Wasting Time” below.

Nas feat. Cordae & Freddie Gibbs — “Life Is Like a Dice Game”

Nas teams up with Hit-Boy once again for a new loosie, “Life Is Like a Dice Game.” The new track features Cordae and Freddie Gibbs with guest appearances.

“Life Is Like a Dice Game” might sound familiar to many. The new joint — out as a Spotify Singles cut — is a tip of the hat to a legendary leaked Nas track that has been re-worked for this iteration. In fact, it features a similar beat and a re-recorded version of the original Esco verse and hook.

Cordae and Gibbs add their own flavor to the classic-inspired track. “I live life on this earth to complete what’s assigned, my mission given / I was birthed the same year as It Was Written,” Cordae rhymes. Freddie adds: “Sold dope in front of my brother, but he’s a doctor now.”

It’s a full circle moment for Nasir. “Early 90s, I recorded a song called ‘Life Is Like a Dice Game’ that was never officially released until now,” he said on social media, nodding to the fact that the original had only been heard as a well-regarded leak. Listen to the new version below.

dvsn & Ty Dolla $ign feat. Mac Miller — “I Believed It”

Ty Dolla $ign and dvsn join forces for a special new collaboration that also features a posthumous appearance from the late Mac Miller.

“I put my foot on the gas as soon as I heard the news,” Dolla sings on the track. “They say that I’m creeping on you, but that shit ain’t true.”

dean’s Daniel Daley adds: “I know you gon’ listen when I stop talking / And you gon’ miss me when I start walking / You start looking for me when I stop watching / Drive each other crazy but I still want ya.”

Mac Miller’s verse deals with the peaks and valleys of relationships as well. “I’ve seen the heights, the lows, girl, you put me through it,” he raps. “But all that shit you told me like I’m stupid, I ain’t stupid.”

Daley looked back on the original recording session recently. “Can’t lie,” he wrote on social media, before referencing Miller more directly. “Watching [the footage] back hit a nerve. Rest Easy Boy miss your energy.”

Listen to “I Believed It” below.

Common — “Imagine”

Just one year after A Beautiful Revolution (Pt. 1), Common is back with a new single in the form of “Imagine.”

The song was produced by Karriem Riggins and features the singer PJ. “Every day we waker up is a day to shine,” Com raps on the track. “Imagine you could turn water to your favorite wine.”

Com explores this concept throughout the song, imagining what might happen if “you could change the world through songs” and if school loans were nonexistent. “Since I was little, I had a big imagination,” he explains on the cut.

Directed by Emmanuel Afolabi, “Imagine’s” music video finds Com and PJ in a glossy dreamlike visual. Com speaks to himself in the mirror and walks around a crib and the beach while rhyming, before showcasing others who imagine just like he does.

Listen to “Imagine” and watch the video below.

Logic — “Vaccine”

Shortly after unleashing his The VS Collection Vol. 1 to streaming platforms, Logic rolls out a brand new single, “Vaccine.”

“Came back to the scene, came back with a team like rap ain’t a thing,” Logic rhymes on the 6ix-produced beat. “I’ma do anything / I’ma rap, I’ma sing / Yeah, I’m back as the king / Came back from the trap to supply all the fiends.”

Logic’s “back” from a hiatus that was said to be permanent. “Officially announcing my retirement with the release of No Pressure,” the rapper tweeted in 2020. “It’s been a great decade,” he added. “Now it’s time to be a great father.”

Logic returned with The VS Collection Vol. 1 and is now apparently prepping a new project. Listen to “Vaccine” below.