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Super Bowl LII - Philadelphia Eagles v New England Patriots

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Philadelphians are known for their workmanlike grit, bombastic sense of humor, and some of the greatest boxers the world has ever seen. The city has seen its fair share of darkness also. But, now they’re Super Bowl champs. The road getting there wasn’t easy and playing against a team as experienced as the New England Patriots came with a ton of WTF moments. Check out some of our favorites below.


Tom Brady Is A Lot Of Things… But A Wide Receiver Ain’t One

He’s known as a perfectionist. The kind of guy who will practice a tiny thing a million times until his body is numb. No doubt. At 40, he’s in both the AARP and the NFL. Plus, he’s still the best QB in the game (don’t tell Aaron Rodgers I said that), but seeing that man running downfield is like seeing steak knives ordering Chinese food. That ball should have been caught, guys. But I guess it’s okay to drop one or two when you’re one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time.


As A Receiver, Nick Foles > Tom Brady

Even if you were in the street with your homies, you still wouldn’t run a direct snap end around into a quarterback pass on fourth and goal. But you’re not one of the fittest athletes on Earth, and you don’t get paid millions of dollars to call plays that’ll affect the outcome of a billion-dollar franchise. The NFL has gotten a lot of heat this year, and rightly so. So many boxes check off as trash, there. But this play is why people play football. The absurdity of pulling this kind of thing off makes the brutish, short life of many NFL players almost worth it. Almost.


Corey Clement’s Juggle

Running back Corey Clement’s juggling catch in the end zone gave Philly a comfy 10-point-lead. But was it a catch at all? The refs ruled that it was. Said there wasn’t enough movement to call the TD back. Look, that might be true, but those kinds of calls don’t usually go against the New England Patriots.


Justin Timberlake Tries To Honor Prince At Halftime

Digging Justin Timberlake’s halftime show is split along loyalty lines. Are you #teamPrince or #teamJustin? Whatever gang you’re in, the move to give the Purple One anything other than a mere “thank you” is controversial. Word got out that yesterday Timberlake would perform alongside a Prince hologram and the web went nuts with accusations of disrespect and blasphemy. JT didn’t do all that, but Prince fans were still upset to see his picture up there at all. It’s strange, even with Timberlake’s heart in the right place, people just don’t believe that Mr. Purple Rain liked him very much.

Was It A Catch?

Zach Ertz came streaking across the middle of the field, ball in hand, and he took two glorious steps before he was launched into the air, the ball stretched out over the goal line. He didn’t tuck, though, as physics would have it, and the ball hit the ground as he tumbled, flying into the air and putting the go-ahead touchdown in jeopardy. The refs ruled that, after the catch, he became a runner and so he didn’t have to secure the ball through the “process” of the catch, allowing the TD to stand. It was the second such play of the night, and fans in New England must be feeling vengeful at the moment.

Hail Mary!

It was Tom Brady time after the Ertz touchdown was confirmed. And, after three passes in their own end zone didn’t work out, it was fourth-and-down. Brady stepped up into the pocket to deliver a strike for a first down. Then things got interesting. A heater to Gronk on the sideline. And suddenly the Pats were around the 50-yard-line, within striking distance of a hail mary miracle. Tom dodges to the left and heaves one. Gronk is posting up, and, for a second, it seems like Eagles might have to take this one to overtime. But the ball gets tipped, then tipped again, and lands on the ground harmlessly. With that, the city most known for Rocky and cheesesteaks finally won a Super Bowl championship.

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