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2021 NFL Draft

Source: Gregory Shamus / Getty

A sweet moment starring Dallas Cowboys rookie Micah Parsons is going viral.

Parsons is in the midst of a new beginning as he signed his four-year contract with the NFL last month. In an effort to give back to the person who made his dream possible, the up-and-coming athlete apparently used his Cowboys check to buy his mom a new house.

Parsons hit Instagram with a photo of them celebrating at the new residence. “Welcome mom,” he said. “This all for you.”

Prior to the draft, he expressed his desire to buy a home and more. “I want to finally get my own house, clear my mom’s debt,” Parsons told BroBible. “I moved a lot when I was younger and if I could put me and my mother into our own home and have something to call ours, it would be amazing.”

We love to see it. In case you missed it, Micah Parsons was the no. 12 overall pick in the draft. When the Dallas Cowboys chose him, he expressed immense gratitude, telling Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the phone: “This is all I ever wanted.” Tune into that moment below.

We are happy to see the Parsons family happy and thriving. Stay tuned, as we’re sure this won’t be the last we hear from the young athlete.