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Every day, news stories continue to prove that we can’t always eat while Black, raise our voices while Black or learn about slavery while Black without having to a pay a serious emotional price.

So it’s no wonder why someone came up with the idea of hosting a retreat in Costa Rica for Black women to get a break from this nonsense in order to heal.

According to Vice,  the “Women of Color Healing Retreat,” created by activist Andrea X, is a getaway in Puerto Viejo where women of color can eat healthy vegan meals, practice yoga and coexist in a space where they don’t have to be subjected to the white gaze.

“I left the United States because I was sick of gentrification, racism, just dealing with things as Black women trying to figure it out there,” X says.

For  X, white people can be very detrimental to overall health.

“They are here,” she said, “They are everywhere. I feel white people shouldn’t even have passports. I have no tips for white people. Let us have our space.”

She added, “Let us have our room and hang out with other white people – you’ve done enough damage.”

In the end, X stresses, “We needed a safe space that was outside of the United States to have certain conversations and just to heal. I don’t think that we can do that in the United States. I think we’re just suffering and suffocating and just dying every single day trying to survive there.”

And while some may brush this off as not being helpful, one attendee said it was exactly what she needed.

“We’re looking for… coping mechanisms and ways to take care of ourselves because we’re not on the agenda,” says Christine Donnelly of Chicago.

Interested in this experience? It can be yours for $2,000 or more.

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