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Ryan Coogler, director of the hit movie 'Black Panther', in Washington, DC.

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Ryan Coogler Penned a Heartfelt Letter to Black Panther Fans, and We’re in Our Feelings.

Black Panther had a hell of an opening weekend, bringing in a reported $241 million and topping the lifetime gross of major Marvel, DC and X-Men films. “After next weekend, director Ryan Coogler’s acclaimed hit will have amassed approximately $330-350+/- million in domestic theaters,” says Forbes. Coogler is deeply grateful. Read his moving open letter to fans below:

Kendrick Lamar Is Being Sued.

Artist Lina Iris Viktor is suing for damages after Kendrick Lamar allegedly used her artwork without her permission. ICYMI, Viktor was contacted twice by Black Panther reps regarding using her work in the movie. She declined their request both times, but, as previously reported, pieces from her “Constellations” series still appeared in Lamar and SZA’s “All the Stars” video. As a result, Viktor is quite upset, and is calling the ordeal “both an egregious violation of federal law and an affront to the artist, her livelihood, her legacy and to artists everywhere.”

The Nigerian Bobsled Team Is Making History at the Olympics.

The three powerful ladies of the Nigerian bobsled team have made their unforgettable debut, and they tell the New York Times they’re hoping to “help women, the country, the continent.”

“They had every chance to try to represent the United States, where they were born, but they deemed it fit to represent Nigeria and Africa,” Victor Chukwuemeka, a 41-year-old business consultant from Nigeria’s capital told NYT. “To me, that means they felt national pride, and I’m really so proud of them.”

And so are we.

This Dope Teen Raised Money for Kids to See Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time.

We’re here for Taylor Richardson, a 14-year-old aspiring astronaut who raised money for 1,000 girls to see A Wrinkle in Time. Richardson, who plans on seeing Mars, wanted to give young girls the opportunity to see their shero, the film’s protagonist Meg Murray, save the universe. Richardson will also be donating money to STEM Scholarships. The babies are gonna save the world. Watch her NowThis clip below.

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