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1994 Kid's Choice Awards

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Ever since it was announced that a Sister, Sister reboot is in the works, the conversation around which classic shows should be revisited and left alone has been a hot topic. Despite the controversy, the nostalgia remains: visions of bucket hats, boom boxes, and polaroid cameras immediately rush back to us as we reminisce on how lit our childhood truly was.

But reimagining this type of reunion has us thinking — what are some other shows from the ’90s and ’00s that deserve the same type of treatment? So many of our faves were canceled without rhyme or reason, and left us with awkward cliff hangers.

Team CASSIUS takes a dive into our favorite television shows that could use a bit of shine today.

Hey Arnold

Let’s just put this out there: Hey Arnold had the biggest unresolved cliff hanger of all time. When we last saw Arnold, he had found clues to where his long lost parents had gone when they disappeared in the jungle. While we have seen confirmation that we could see a reunion movie as early as later this year, we still have a couple questions.

Will Arnold find his parents? Will Helga and Arnold finally quit beating around the bush and get together? Does Oscar ever get off his lazy behind and get a job? These are real life questions that need answers.

A Different World

This Cosby Show spin-off series championed visibility for Black kids surviving and thriving in higher education. Even though Black-ish‘s future spin-off with Yara Shahidi promises a similar experience, we couldn’t help but wonder what issues Hillman students would be tackling in 2017.

While we can totally see Jaleesa’s son as a campus activist, we wonder if Whitley and Dwayne’s daughter would be a free-spirit like her father or a sophisticated, snobby princess like her mother.


Taina was hands down the best short-lived show on television in the early aughts. We loved the way that Tai’s crazy Puerto Rican family grounded her in her roots and how her even crazier friend group strived to hone in on their performing arts talents.

As Taina grows older and pursues a career in the arts, we know that show business ain’t easy — especially for women of color. What are the challenges that she and Renee face as they climb their way to the top? Does our girl ever get to see her name in lights?


Any kid who was into solving mysteries would have been all over this PBS Kids television show. Now that the bygone era of desktop computers and blocky cell phones are long behind us, what would Ghostwriter look like in 2017? Seeing holographic words burst out from our Apple watches and tablets would be pretty lit.

We also now know that the Ghostwriter character was a runaway slave who was murdered in the Civil War, thanks to producer and writer Kermit Frazier. Given today’s political climate, would this be something that writers would be willing to take a deeper dive into? It could make for an insightful history lesson — and a necessary conversation for viewers at home.