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Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and those moments often make for the most entertaining art. Michael Strahan and director Adam McKay will bring the uncanny story of Ohio’s Bishop Sycamore High School to HBO in the form of an upcoming documentary. The still-unnamed project is scheduled to air in 2022, and it will begin by asking how the sketchy institution was even able to land a high-profile TV spot against the Florida powerhouse IMG Academy.

On August 29, ESPN aired a matchup between Bishop Sycamore and IMG Academy. The Ohio school was drubbed 58-0, but that turned out to be the least sensational detail about the affair. The clear disparity in skill raised questions about Sycamore’s credentials as a school. A quick review of the directory of the Ohio High School Athletic Association revealed that the school was nowhere to be found.

It was later revealed that Bishop Sycamore was classified as an “online school” with students who took courses through Franklin University’s adult learning program (which is geared towards those 25 years old). Roy Johnson, the school’s head football coach, was then fired after stories of sanctioning violence, underfeeding his athletes, and flat out lying to his players. However, while other production companies may also have their own documentaries in the works, this is the only one so far with exclusive access to Johnson.

HBO has the television and streaming rights to the project. McKay’s Hyperobject Industries will helm the documentary alongside Strahan and Constance Schwartz-Morini’s SMAC Entertainment, The Athletic, and Boat Rocker’s Matador Content.