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Celebrity Sightings In Florida - August 12, 2021

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Dennis “The Worm” Rodman has never been known to be a rule follower, so why should a federal mask mandate be any different? The law may require airplane passengers to keep their mouths and noses covered through to March 18, 2022, but the unabashed “bad boy” probably felt that was too far away, so he tried removing his mask on a flight earlier this week. And things became problematic enough that the cops finally had to be called for him.

According to TMZ, Rodman boarded a JetBlue flight on Monday, headed from Los Angeles to Fort Lauderdale, and he began pulling down his mask once the plane took off. The crew said they asked The Worm to put his mask back over and over, and he would temporarily comply before removing it again as soon as they left.

Reportedly, the 5x NBA champ said the mask gave him trouble breathing, but the staff had a hard time making Rodman follow the law. So officers from the Broward County Sheriff’s Office were ready to greet the 60-year-old as soon as the plane touched down in Florida.

It appears there were at least four separate times that Rodman and the flight crew had these exchanges, but a quick talk from law enforcement seemed to do the trick. He was let go without any fine or further incident, but neither Rodman nor JetBlue have said anything official about the episode.

But if history tells us anything about The Worm, he is no fan of being any more covered than he wants to be. Dating back to his NBA-playing days (“Even at halftime, I take the uniform off and put my clothes on and then change real quick back in…”) up to last year, when he was seen at a California Whole Foods and in clear violation of the mandate, Rodman is always going to find a way to do things his way. A real “bad boy” for life.