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Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Do y’all remember when Kanye West ran for president in 2020?

Surely, you remember all of the “It must’ve been a Late Registration” jokes and that cringy campaign event where he started disrespecting Harriet Tubman out of nowhere. But what you might not know is that, apparently, Ye’s campaign was defrauded out of thousands of dollars, according to his campaign’s committee.

From Page Six:

A letter sent to the Federal Election Commission Tuesday and obtained by TMZ said the committee conducted an investigation and found someone accessed their account three times between December and February 2021.

The campaign reportedly tried to get the money back from the First Bank of Wyoming — where the funds were presumably held — but were unable to do so.

It appears the investigation also found that the stolen money, totaling $3,999, was used to pay off an unnamed individual’s credit card.

OK, so it looks like Yeezus’ campaign got run for four racks. That’s a relatively small amount of money for a certified billionaire who, if we’re being honest, was flushing money down the election toilet anyway because it’s not like he ever had a chance at winning. (Ye didn’t announce his candidacy until July 2020. Even if he was the type of person who could get enough votes to win, no one enters a presidential race just a few months before the general election if they’re serious about sitting in that Oval Office. They’d be up against people who have been campaigning for at least a year and had won their primaries. Give me a break.)

Anyway, no arrests have been made since the fraudulent activity was flagged, and Ye’s former committee is working with the FEC to gather more information.

Welp, if Kanye decides to run in 2024, at the very least, he’ll likely pay closer attention to how the campaign funds are being handled.

But please—don’t run, bro.