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Balancing it all ain’t easy. Nine-to-5 aside, you’ve got games to watch, happy hours to hit up and baes to bag. Sadly, in the hierarchy of daily priorities, self care usually comes in dead last. But it’s starting to take a toll on your looks, bruh.

Dark circles, under-eye bags and dull skin are threatening to kill your springtime fly. The solution? Get your grooming time in while you sleep. Before dozing off, put these gadgets and elixirs to use and they’ll work their revitalizing magic overnight. Trust us, you’ll wake up a new man and any remnants of the damage you left behind will be long forgotten.


Motion-Activated Moisturizer

Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon ($80;


Source: Courtesy of Dermalogica / Courtesy of Dermalogica

The gel-cream formula uses motion-activated technology that releases French Lavender oil, Sandalwood and Patchouli as you move around during sleep. So with every toss and turn, bursts of aromatherapy soothe the senses, helping you sleep better, and in turn, increasing your skin’s overall health.

Sleep Optimizing Bracelet

Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet ($395;

Philip Stein Sleep Bracelet

Source: Courtesy of Philip Stein / Courtesy of Philip Stein

This bracelet uses Natural Frequency Technology to increase the body’s production of melatonin— the hormone which synchronizes the sleep-wake cycle. Slap it on before bedtime and it’ll help you fall asleep faster and wake up feeling more refreshed.

Overnight Mask

Huxley Secret of Sahara Sleek Mask: Good Night ($36;

Huxley Good Night Sleep Mask

Source: Courtesy of Huxley / Courtesy of Huxley

The hero ingredient—Prickly Pear Cactus Seed Oil—moisturizes and replenishes skin overnight. The lightweight gel texture absorbs quickly, so no need to worry about any gunk rubbing off on your pillowcase.

Detoxifying Oil

Caudalie Vine[Activ] Overnight Detox Oil ($50;


Source: Courtesy of Net-a-Porter / Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER

This dry oil rids skin of pollution, UVs & other toxins that harm skin over time. It smoothes fine lines and regenerates skin while you sleep, leaving you refreshed by sunrise.

Bacteria-Busting Bedding

Skin Laundry SleepCycle Pillowcase ($30;

Skin Laundry Sleep Cycle Pillowcase

Source: Courtesy of Ulta / Courtesy of Ulta

Your pillowcase absorbs oil, dirt and germs overnight, only to transfer it back to your face the next evening, making you more prone to breakouts and blemishes. This buy uses silver ion technology to kill harmful bacteria for cleaner, clearer skin.