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Artemis I Space Mission X Meta Quest 2

Source: Felix & Paul / NASA/Meta Quest 2

It is astounding to imagine, but man hasn’t set foot on the moon in 50 years while steps are currently being made to open that pathway once more. This coming Monday, the Artemis I Space Mission will hold its inaugural launch and Meta Quest 2 headset owners can join the ride from the comfort of their homes.

Meta Quest 2, one of the best ways to experience the full scope of VR entertainment, partnered with NASA to bring the Artemis I Space Mission experience to headset owners, all under the expert guidance of Felix & Paul Studios, which has produced stellar content for Meta Quest in the past.

On August 29 at 8:33 am ET/5:33 am PT, the Artemis I Space Mission will take off and give viewers donning the headset a 360-degree livestream of the uncrewed flight test of the Space Launch System and the Orion spacecraft. The mission will take viewers around the moon after taking off from the Kennedy Space Center. This is the first mission of NASA’s Artemis Program.

The launch event can be viewed on Oculus TV, Horizon Venues, Facebook Live, and Facebook Watch all inside the Meta Quest 2 headset. We’ll be joining the mission as well!

To learn more about the Artemis I Space Mission, click here. Keep scrolling to watch the trailer for the launch voiced by Tessa Thompson.

Photo: Meta/Felix & Paul/NASA