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'Pimp' Private Screening

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

L     ee Daniels is no stranger to creating diverse, necessary stories in Hollywood. This year the writer, director, and producer of Empire, Star, Precious, and The Butler is trying his hand at a new title: executive producer of an indie film called Pimp.

Pimp is about a girl named Wednesday, played by Keke Palmer, who was born in the Bronx, N.Y. and learns how to hustle from her father. When he passes away, she has to find a way to take care of her mother (Aujanue Ellis, The Help) and her girlfriend Nikki (Haley Ramm, The Originals). When Nikki starts working the streets to help Wednesday raise money, she gets into trouble, forcing Wednesday to confront a dangerous pimp (Edi Cathegi, Twilight) to save her.

While the film has already been written, shot, and directed by Christine Crokos, Daniels is helping out in the post-production process. According to The Hollywood Reporter, his reason for getting involved stems from “wanting to support a new generation of filmmakers with authentic voices and a unique approach to storytelling.”

Crokos, who is a queer woman herself and known for her romantic attachment to former Spice Girl Melanie Brown, is making way for queer women of color-centered narratives to shine. Palmer is also queer, but insists on not identifying with any labels, and her starring role in the film further promotes pushing queer women to the forefront of our television and movie screens.

While there are no trailers or release dates yet, we’re definitely excited to see what happens with this innovative and important film. With brilliant folks like Daniels, Palmer, and Crokos on the project, we’re sure it will be a hit.