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Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams made an appearance on Fox News recently and, well, one can guess how that generally went. One part of the interview stood out, though, and that was when Fox host Shannon Bream asked Abrams how she felt about recent comments on abortion made by none other than “White Lives Matter” promoter and sunken place MAGA minion Kanye West.


“Kanye West or Ye, talking to our Tucker Carlson this week, had this to say,” Bream said before playing a clip of Ye expressing his concern about “Black babies” being aborted. Then Bream noted that “about 38% of abortions were obtained in the U.S. by Black women.”

“Just 13.6% of our population is Black,” she said. “Do you share Ye’s concern that Black Americans are disproportionally impacted like he says by abortion?”

Here’s why this narrative is BS:

Bream, Kanye and everyone else who makes this argument about abortion impacting Black women disproportionately are acting like Black women were just standing out in the middle of the road when a wave of abortions rolled over them. And yet, the keyword in the pro-choice movement is “choice.” These Black women, like all women, made a decision to terminate their pregnancies because, for whatever reason, they didn’t want to give birth or be mothers. And they made those decisions knowing more about their own lives, situations and needs than anyone else does. Talking about it like Black women are being attacked by abortion, rather than abortion being something they decided for themselves, takes away their agency—which, incidentally, is exactly what anti-abortion laws do to women in general.

In other words, simply giving Black women access to abortion isn’t weaponizing abortion against them. Denying them their right to reproductive choices, on the other hand, is an attack on their health and their bodily autonomy.

“I share the concern of women across the state of Georgia,” Abrams responded. “That they are being denied access to medical care, that in the state of Georgia, Black women are most likely to die of maternal mortality issues because they are denied access to health care under this governor.”

Exactly, sis’. Exactly.