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Footage of that altercation that Alvin Kamara got in back in February has finally leaked.

A new video from TMZ shows Kamara in The Cromwell Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, walking down a hallway with a group of people. It is unclear what sparks the violence, but you can then see Kamara wearing what appears to be a light-colored hoodie and start throwing punches at another man. The victim, named Darnell Greene, falls to the ground as others surround him and proceed to kick and stomp him before the attack is broken up.

The footage is in line with the lawsuit that Greene filed last month, alleging he suffered severe head injuries.

“According to the suit, as a result of the beatdown, Greene suffered injuries to his neck, back, head, shoulder, knees, and face … including “a disfiguring facial fracture to” his right orbital bone,” writes TMZ.

While the fight does look bad, Kamara asserted back in February that the video didn’t show the entire altercation. The New Orleans Saint admitted to police that he did punch Greene but didn’t initiate the violence.

According to ESPN, Kamara told the authorities that he was with his girlfriend, his assistant, and two of his friends when “[Greene] called one of his friends ugly while they were waiting for the elevator and then later said, ‘I’ll whup your ass too.'”

Kamara was arrested and booked into the Clark County Detention Center for battery resulting in substantial bodily harm and misdemeanor conspiracy to commit battery but posted bond the next day. He’s due back in court for the case next week. 

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