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Jackson State University v. Southern University Football Game

Source: Jackson State University / Getty

It was a rough weekend for the top contenders in the SWAC western division. But with all of the top teams losing no one made up any ground in the divisional race, which makes Saturday a premium weekend. We break it all down in this week’s edition of the No Huddle, presented by Nissan.

While the SWAC West is a big game of hot potato, the east is a different story. Jackson State is two weeks away from a perfect regular season and a huge battle for second place in the division will be decided this weekend.

And what’s the end game in all of this regular season madness? The Celebration Bowl of course. We’ll check in on the MEAC as well and see which top contender might be eyeing a post season trip to Atlanta. And just how good is former Celebration Bowl champion North Carolina A&T? We show you where the Aggies are in this week’s poll plus all of the season ending action from Division II football. It’s all coming to you on this week’s edition of the No Huddle, presented by Nissan.

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