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Jose Cuervo Marg Shake-Up Contest 2023

The margarita was celebrated widely on National Margarita Day (Feb. 22) and Jose Cuervo, one of the finest tequila producers around, launched a new contest in connection with the fun holiday. The Cuervo Marg Shake-Up contest gives participants an opportunity to not only win major cash but also have their flavor creations produced and sold in stores next year.

From now until March 22, contestants can head over to to sign up and join in on the mixing fun following a basic set of rules that we’ll share on behalf of Jose Cuervo:

Step #1 – Choose a base: From classic lime to peach lemonade and mango, every great margarita starts with a delicious base.

Step #2 – Select your ingredients: Cuervo researched the hottest flavor trends for you to add to your custom creation. Select up to four delectable ingredients from tried-and-true classics like grapefruit and strawberry, to more exotic picks like dragon fruit and lavender.

Step #3 – Add a personal twist: Now’s your chance to show your creativity by filling in the blank with any wildcard ingredient that will take your margarita to the next level. Toasted marshmallow? Steamy! Pickle juice? We’re here for it! This is your time to really shine.

Step #4 – Name your signature marg: Breakout the thesaurus and craft a buzzy name for your new creation. Pick wisely as the name of your new margarita will be ready for the whole nation to see if you’re selected as the winner!

While we’ll never yuck anyone’s um, the pickle juice suggestion above is really out there but there might be a need for that umami sort of vibe in one’s margarita.

As we noted above, contestants have until March 22 to enter their margarita shake-ups with 12 finalists that will be selected by vote en route to declaring the winner of the grand prize of $50,000 and the production and sale of their Marg Shake-Up creation. The two runner-ups will both receive $25,000 in cash as well.

Good luck to all the Cuervo Marg Shake-Up contestants!

Photo: Jose Cuervo