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It's finals week. Brace yourself

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The way you imagine your life after graduation is never the way that it turns out. At the top of your senior year, you dream of heading to a brand new city, working your dream job in the field you majored in, living in a brand new apartment with fire roommates, and tons of opportunities to go out to eat, drink and be merry. You have worked so hard over the past four years for this very moment. You DESERVE this…right?

#Postgrad is here to let you know…nah fam, it’s not that easy — get ready to be on the struggle bus for a couple more years. Written and created by David Ike, the series will show you first-hand what it’s like to be working on your twentieth job application of the week from your childhood room in your parents’ house, after going on interviews that don’t work out because you don’t have enough experience. Oh, and you’re more broke than you were in undergrad, which you didn’t think was possible.

Oh, and don’t forget the ton of shame your parents heap on you for not having a job automatically after school. There’s no getting away from that one once you’re stuck in the house almost all the time.

The series launches on YouTube on June 17, just in time for your quarter-life crisis to kick in — we mean, reality to fully set in after you move back home from school. In the meantime, check out the trailer down below.