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First Lady Wore Jacket That Reads ‘I Really Don’t Care’ to ICE Detention Camps

If we ever needed more obvious evidence about how Melania Trump truly feels about the issues at hand with immigration, now we have our answer. The First Lady wore a Zara jacket that reads “I really don’t care, do u?” on the back as she went to tour ICE detention camps that are holding immigrant children who were separated from their families at the border.

Her spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham sent a response to the Daily Mail reading the following:

“It’s a jacket. There was no hidden message. After today’s important visit to Texas, I hope this isn’t what the media is going to choose to focus on.”

A ‘Breaking Bad’ Character Is Coming To ‘Better Call Saul’

Better Call Saul is becoming one of the best spin-offs on TV and it continues to play off of sleazy lawyer Saul Goodman’s sketchy character which was debuted in Breaking Bad. Anyone who fell in love with Walter White that’s hooked on the spinoff is always waiting for a character from the original to make their way onto the new show. And now, according to Better Call Saul‘s creator, that could be coming true. Johnathan Banks’ stern character Mike Ehrmantraut, and Giancarlo Esposito’s Gus Fring already made appearances, but Vince Gilligan says another familiar face will be returning, saying fans “will be pretty pleased overall.”

Baker Mayfield Wasn’t Afraid to Clapback at Colin Cowherd

Baker Mayfield hasn’t played one game in the NFL yet and he may be the backup quarterback to Tyrod Taylor come week 1, but his confidence hasn’t wavered one bit. In a recent interview with Colin Cowherd, the pundit critiqued Mayfield not celebrating a touchdown with his teammates back in college. Mayfield didn’t hesitate to check Cowherd for what he was insinuating, saying “I feel like you’re going for the fact that I’m not a team guy. That I’m selfish. Is that what you’re shooting for here or what?” Mayfield is ready for the criticism he’ll definitely receive on and off the field this season.

Sports Fans Are Definitely Going To Love Season Two Of Luke Cage

Luke Cage returns to Netflix June 22 with season two, and Creator Cheo Hodari Coker says sports fan will definitely be happy. One scene will even have Cage being ripped apart by Stephen A. Smith after being embarrassed by his rival Bushmaster. In an interview with Jemele Hill, Coker revealed that Muhammad Ali is his favorite athlete of all time because of his vulnerability.

“He lost,” Coker said. “People put so much of a premium on being undefeated, but you learn more from your defeats than you do from your victories. If you don’t put it all on the line and lose, it means that you didn’t put yourself at risk … If there aren’t any losses, that means you never tried to extend yourself.”