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If it’s not #PermitPatty calling the cops on an 8-year-old Black girl for selling bottled water, it’s folks reporting a young Black boy for cutting grass.

12-year-old Reginald Fields is out here doing good for his people in Maple Heights, Ohio. According to ABC News 5 Cleveland, Reggie started his lawn mowing business—aptly named Mr. Reggie’s Lawn Cutting Service—with the help of his family, and local homeowners’ lawns have been clean AF since… but apparently one of his client’s had an issue with Reggie cutting their neighbor’s yard, so they called 911 to complain about Reggie allegedly mowing a patch of their lawn that didn’t belong to his client.

“They said I was cutting their grass,” Reggie told ABC News. “I didn’t know it!”

His client, Lucille Holt, told ABC News she was “confused” when the cops showed up before learning it was her neighbor who called them. According to ABC News, the cops said not a single word to Reggie, who added, “I was like, that’s a shame. I didn’t know.” Holt later shared a video on Facebook, detailing the incident.

“I guess I have a line where part of it is now my yard,” she explains in the clip. “They called the police to tell the police that the kids was cutting they grass.”

Thanks to Holt’s video, which received thousands of views and multiple shares, Reggie’s business is booming.

“People are inboxing me like, ‘how can I get in touch with this children? Where are they at? I got property I want these kids to cut,'” Holt shared.

With the extra money Reggie’s been earning, he says he plans to save up for new equipment and grow his business.

“Just give me a call. I will be there. On time!”

We stan a young entrepreneur. Now stop calling the police on these kids.