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LA-bron isn’t official tissue yet, but a war might be on the horizon between Kobe Bryant and LeBron fans. The city of Los Angeles is celebrating the likely return of “Showtime” on the basketball court, but two recent incidents hint that Bron’s arrival isn’t sitting well with some fans.

Things got interesting quickly when a video surfaced of a man giving maximum effort to remove a picture of LeBron’s face taped over Kobe’s head on a mural dedicated to retired Laker great.

Triggered Kobe fans didn’t appreciate the actions of overzealous LeBron/Laker fans disrespecting their GOAT. A LeBron-hating-Laker fanatic took steps even further putting out a $300 hit on a freshly-painted LeBron “King of LA”mural. Now $300 isn’t a lot of money to go out and risk being slapped with a fine worth that amount or more, but someone took them up on their offer.

The vandal made it clear that LeBron is not wanted in L.A. spray painting cover the king’s mug in Laker yellow and writing under LeBron “we don’t want you” and sharing his 3-6 finals record.

The mural has since been restored to its original greatness minus it saying LeBron is “the king of LA,” but that doesn’t mean the vandals won’t strike again.

The season hasn’t even begun yet, but the fireworks are already going off between the warring factions of Laker fans. LeBron has some work to do when it comes to winning over the Kobe faction of the Laker fanbase but hey, bringing home a 17th NBA championship would be an excellent start to smoothing things over.