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There’s an age-old adage that says “art imitates reality.”

When it comes to art about alternative culture, the same seems to be true. Everyone loves Black, Brown and queer culture, but nobody seems to be giving a platform to the people who are the primary innovators of it — the marginalized artists.

This is where CASSIUS’ 2018 Creative Class comes through and tears up the norm.

The Creative Class series is an online installation dedicated to profiling the creatives and cultural influencers who use their talents to bring stories of the underrepresented and the marginalized into the mainstream. Their bold, unapologetic and powerful presence separates them from their peers and inspires all those who encounter their work. Like CASSIUS editors and influencers, they aren’t just creating the culture — they are the culture.

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be rolling out the stories of the folks who are creating work about the stories that need to be told and visible to the mainstream. They’ve spoken to us about their life experiences, their genius ideology and their safe spaces.

Stay tuned—these are definitely names you’ll want to catch way before the hype.

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