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The Internet — Hive Mind

The Internet capitalizes on its buzz with Hive Mind. Three years following their Ego Death LP, the funky crew is back with a new 13-track offering by way of Columbia Records.

The Internet’s Syd Bennett recently opened up about the process behind Hive Mind. “So many memories making this album,” she told Highsnobiety. “We rented houses and studios all over the world and just lounged around, no pressure. The last few sessions in Australia were some of my favorites. We made the last 3 tracks on the album there. Such a vibe.”

During that same interview, Syd said that Hive Mind felt like more of a team effort than Ego Death. “Hive Mind was a lot more collaborative,” she added. “We were all around for the making of everything.”

Hive Mind features cuts like “Roll (Burbank Funk),” “La Di Da,” “Bravo,” and “Mood.” See what all the buzz is about below.

Buddy — Harlan & Alondra

It’s hard to believe that Harlan & Alondra is Buddy’s debut album. After all, the Compton rapper has been on the scene for years, collaborating with the likes of Pharrell Williams, Chance the Rapper, Nipsey Hussle, and Wiz Khalifa. Now, after years of anticipation, Buddy presents his long-awaited album via RCA.

Named after the streets he grew up in, Harlan & Alondra offers some introspective lyrics. “I’m just a regular nigga on an irregular mission,” he raps. “Its more than the music shit / I’ve been going through some real life shit.” Buddy recently opened up about his new material. “I’ve been doing what I’ve always been doing, just waiting to see,” he told the Chicago Tribune. “Whatever happens, happens.”

Later, the rapper-singer adds some more thought-provoking rhymes on the album. “I’m finally on my way,” he sings on the closing track, “Shine.” “I know I can’t fail, it’s God testing my faith / And if I don’t hurry, I might be too late.”

Drive down to Harlan & Alondra below.

Jay Park — Ask About Me

Don’t know Jay Park? You might want to ask about him. The Korean-American MC surpassed 1 million monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 275 million views on YouTube. With a global buzz intact, the Washington-born rapper-singer unleashes his latest offering, Ask About Me.

Park nabbed major stars for his Roc Nation offering. Rich the Kid, Vic Mensa, and 2 Chainz are all on board, lending their vocals to the seven-song project. Meanwhile, GroovyRoom, Cha Cha Malone, Slom, and Woogie provide production.

Recently, Park beamed about his new Roc Nation deal. “I rarely get starstruck, but I’ve been a JAY-Z fan since fourth grade, and had a huge crush on Beyoncé in high school,” he told Dazed. “I respect their artistry, and now I’ve joined Roc Nation it’s even more crazy.”

Chance the Rapper — 4 New Songs

After refuting talks of a new album, Chance the Rapper releases a four-pack of new material. His latest project includes “I Might Need Security,” “Work Out,” “Wala Cam,” and “65th & Ingleside.”

Chano used the new music to make a big announcement. “I bought the Chicagoist just to run you racist bitches out of business,” he raps on the track. “Speaking of racists, fuck your microaggressions / I’ll make you fix your words like a typo suggestion.”

He also utilized the effort to boast about his aversion to traditional major label deals. “I’m the real deal,” he raps. “Who taught all these rappers that a big deal’s not a big deal? / Inherited the earth, popping wheelies on a big wheel.”

The project dropped one day ahead of the usual streaming releases and it’s available for streaming below.

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