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Twitter suspends thousands of accounts for pro-terrorism and violence contents

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The stigma that is placed on the LGBTQ+ community has shifted throughout the years. While homophobia and transphobia still exist and run rampantly throughout our global society, there is more of a gracious tolerance, partly due to mainstream visibility. However, there is a very specific piece of this community that is still largely ignored.

Due to societal constructs of toxic masculinity, bisexual men often struggle with being more vocal about their identity. Even when some do speak out, they are largely ignored or drowned out by biphobic remarks begging for them to “pick a side.”

J.R. Yussuf, a Black bisexual man and award-winning author, started the hashtag #bisexualmenspeak to uplift the voices of Bi+ men/masc identified folk to voice feelings about being Bi+ and how it impacts the way they move through the world.

Many are using the hashtag to voice their frustrations about being put in a box.

Some are using it to express their deepest fears.

Others are making sure their intersectionality within the identity isn’t being ignored.

Many are using it to make light of the microaggressions they’ve experienced.

Most importantly, the hashtag is doing what social media does best — bringing light to the voices of marginalized folks. Check out the hashtag here.