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Demi Lovato Performs At Birmingham Arena

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Demi Lovato Is Still in the Hospital with Overdose Complications.

According to TMZ, Lovato has remained in the hospital since her overdose six days ago. While sources say that she is very sick, she is expected to make a full recovery.

“Demi wasn’t doing well over the weekend,” a source told People. “She came down with a fever and showed signs of an infection. She is currently being treated for issues that are very common after a drug overdose. She will need to stay in the hospital for a few more days.”

She’s currently in the company of close family and friends, including ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama.

A Living Single Reboot May Actually Happen.

While the possibility was previously up in the air, it looks like our dreams may come true sooner than never.

“[Queen Latifah’s] been talking,” Kim Coles, who played Synclaire James-Jones, recently told ET. “Listen what [I’d] love to say is that I have been neither contacted nor contracted. However, something is happening next month that I cannot talk about and that’s all I’m gonna say.”

She continued, “The six of us together; a reboot-ish. That’s all I can say.”

Girl, don’t play with our emotions!

There Are No Charges for the Officers Involved in the Murder of Thurman Blevins.

In a narrative all-too-familiar, prosecutors have ruled that the two Minneapolis police officers who shot and killed 31-year-old Blevins last month were justified in their use of deadly force. According to the Associated Press, Blevins had allegedly turned toward them with a loaded gun while fleeing from them before he was murdered.

“Their decision to use deadly force against Mr. Blevins under those circumstances was authorized,” Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman told AP.

The officers will not be criminally charged.

Willow and Jada Are Working on a New Song Together.

We were wondering when this was going to happen. In a recent interview with Billboard, Jada Pinkett-Smith reveals she has a song featuring her daughter in the vault.

“It’s called ‘Dear Father’ and we are still working on it. But it’s pretty dope,” she shared. Willow has always wanted to do some stuff with me.”

She added that Willow grew up watching her mother play with her band, Wicked Wisdom, and has also wanted to share the stage with her.

“It’s really fun. So we’re thinking about doing four songs or something.”

Papa Johns Franchises Say Sales Are Down.

And to that we say: Welp!

Peep Bloomberg‘s report below.

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