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RZA Is Bringing O.D.B.’s Life Story to the Big Screen.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that an ODB biopic is on the way, and Sony’s Columbia Pictures has tapped RZA to produce.

“This isn’t the first we hear of an ODB biopic or RZA’s association with said project,” Hot New Hip Hop notes. “Back in 2016, RZA told Rolling Stone that after seeing Straight Outta Compton, he started to believe in in the possibility of the Wu-Tang narrative finding its way to the silver screen.”

No word on when we can expect the film, but it looks like the team is currently seeking a director.

More Men Are Going under the Needle. Here’s Why.

Did you know more men are getting plastic surgery? Do you know why? In an article published by Vox on Wednesday, a doctor provides insight into why liposuction, tummy tucks and more have become more popular among men in the last few years.

“There’s been a normalization and an acceptance that it’s okay for a man to want to look good,” Dr. Douglas S. Steinbrech, a plastic surgeon who has offices in Los Angeles and New York City, told Vox contributor Nadra Nittle. And according to Steinbrech, clients are traveling from all over the world for procedures.

“Social media, work, and our culture [are driving men to get plastic surgery]. But the first thing is social media, where people are really showing a lot of their lives,” he shares. “It used to be we said goodbye to people at high school graduation, and maybe you didn’t see them again until the 25th anniversary. Now, we’re following each other, watching each other.”

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What to Know About Hurricane Florence.

The storm, which is now  a Category 4, is shaping up to be a major threat (and could get worse before it touches land). VICE has rounded up five things to know about the storm, which is now almost the size of North Carolina.

“Florence has rapidly intensified into an extremely dangerous hurricane,” the National Hurricane Center stated on Monday. “All interests from South Carolina into the Mid-Atlantic region should ensure they have their hurricane plan in place and follow any advice given by local officials.”

An evacuation has already been ordered for over 1.5 million people. Here’s what else you need to be aware of.

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