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Power Creator Courtney Kemp Says She’d Be Richer If She Was a Man.

And if you’ve been paying even the slightest bit of attention to how Hollywood works, you know she has a point.

In a recent interview with PageSix, Kemp recalls a contract negotiation in which she received an offer way lower than it probably should have been. “I asked my lawyer — who is a white man — ‘Why did they offer me so little money?’ He said, straight up, ‘Because you are a woman.’ We always have to work harder.”

You’d think the person behind one of the most successful shows on television would get her dues, but again: Hollywood.

Why Sexual Assaults Don’t Get Reported.

Sexual assault survivors often don’t come forward because they don’t believe authorities will bother to help, writes CNN’s Deborah Tuerkheimer. In an op-ed published on Monday, Tuerkheimer looks at the allegations made against Judge Brett Kavanaugh as she navigates the obstacles that many survivors face.

“Kavanaugh’s accuser seems to have reasonably anticipated that she would encounter considerable skepticism if she came forward with her story,” she writes. “And indeed, one prominent Kavanaugh supporter has already hinted that she was too intoxicated at the time of the alleged assault to be a reliable reporter while still more Kavanaugh defenders have insisted that he is a “good person” — that is, not the type of man who would attempt sexual assault. In the days and perhaps weeks ahead, we should anticipate that Ford’s character and her credibility will be relentlessly attacked.”

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Kanye West Will Be SNL’s Musical Guest on September 29.

Adam Driver, who stars alongside John David Washington in BlacKkKlansman, will serve as host. As noted by HuffPost, this will be Kanye’s 8th appearance on the show. Both SNL and Kanye shared the announcement, with the latter swapping his name out for “Yandhi” (a play on “Gandhi?) for whatever reason.

Peep below.

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