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Barbershop etiquette is one of the most important things in life.

You learn time management, how to arguproperly, when to shut your mouth, and most importantly: what type of haircut suits your weird-shaped head.

Before you even step into your local shop you have to realize what kind of person you are and if you feel like spending hours in the shop talking sh*t about LeBron or if you’re trying to get a cut and leave with the quickness. if you don’t mind spending your precious Saturday afternoon on a sunken couch that isn’t your own then you don’t need to have an appointment but if you’ve got sh*t to do make sure you call ahead.

But if you’re fancy, you don’t even have to worry about waiting in like because there are 5 heads ahead of you— just have your barber come through to the crib. For some, this may seem too intimate, but real ones know how important the relationship between an individual and a barber is. While Dustin is usually pretty cool with cheating on your spouse, the one thing we all know he’ll NEVER be okay with cheating on your barber. The hurt in your barber’s eyes, once he sees someone fucked up your hairline is truly unbearable.

To know how to react when you get hit with the alcohol and other tips on how to interact while in the chair, watch the video up top.

Grown Man Shit Barber

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