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In case you forgot, Brooklyn isn’t the only place in America that has Afropunk. Atlanta has its own version of the festival and it’s just as entertaining. While it is a bit smaller with fewer people, for me, that’s a bonus. I like being able to move around freely, take my time at vendors, and enjoy the ambiance. Each year they come, they get more fun, entertaining and enriching. The art, music, and culture at a Black-as-hell festival in the Blackest city in America is a marriage that makes my life happy each year.

So what’s the big fuss for the 2018 edition of the festival? Here are five reasons you’ll want to catch Afropunk in the ATL.

1 You Can Discover New Artists.

A couple of years ago, I went to Afropunk in Atlanta on Saturday afternoon, because the way my curfew is set up…

I wandered around for a few hours and ended up spending a lot of time checking on artists I never heard before. I fell in love with a few who seemed to be in their elements among open-minded Black folks dying to give something new a chance. One such group was All Cows Eat Grass, who had an incredible show vibing with a crowd that had never seen them before. Afropunk has a no frills approach where influence is secondary to creativity. New artists are free to make the music they love and crowds are full of support. So don’t just come in at 9pm for Pusha and Pharrell. Come early and enjoy people like The 1865 or Samurai Shotgun.

2 You Can Get Your Fits Together.

One of the best parts about Afropunk is all the outfits and vendors selling dope clothing, jewelry and woke attire that you didn’t know existed before. Everyone pops up at Afropunk in their favorite statement gear: whether it’s a shirt with a slogan that speaks to your soul, some earrings or bracelets that absolutely pop, or a head wrap that you just have to get your hands on. And unlike being out in the streets where someone will say “the store” when you ask them where they got it, Afropunk is full of people who are eager to help. Don’t be surprised if you leave with a whole new wardrobe that’ll make you look like the coolest person at your next brunch outing.

3 You May Meet Your Future Bae.

Hey, look. Afropunk is full of baes. Bearded baes. Woke baes. Smell-good baes. Well-read baes. Cooking baes. Baes on baes on baes. Everyone at Afropunk looks beautiful. Seriously. One hundred percent success rate. I don’t know how they do it. There’s a good chance you’ll go there and fall in love 17 times at minimum. At worst you’ll strike up some conversations with some people who will open your third eye or something. Okay, maybe not, but you might get a fire recipe out of it.

We need a whole lot of love these days, and Afropunk is a great place to feel such positivity.

4 Hustlers Can Build Together.

Atlanta is full of creatives. Afropunk is a breeding ground for Black creatives looking to expand their brands. Videographers, writers, musicians, fashion people, everyone. You need to consider Afropunk as a social event and a networking opportunity. I’ve met so many movers and shakers just wandering around the grounds as well as up-and-comers looking for collaborators for their dreams. Afropunk is a great place to find your next business partner.

5 The Big Performers.

Of course there’s the headliners. This might be the biggest headliners in Afropunk ATL history. We are getting Pusha T and N.E.R.D.


Lord willing (see what we did there?) they’ll hop on the stage together and make this a joint performance. Even if not, this is still incredible. Beyond that, we get The Internet  and Kaytranada. This card is stacked and we can’t wait to see them all kill it in front of crowds that are totally locked into their music. As I mentioned, the performances at Afropunk are just magnetic, and seeing these artists is going to be especially epic.