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Beyonce And Jay-Z 'On The Run II' Tour - Los Angeles

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Beyoncé and Jay Dress Up as Flo Jo and Tommie Smith

Anddddd Bey and Jay win Halloween…again.

The couple dressed up as Florence Griffith Joyner (aka Flo Jo), the 80s track star who is considered the fastest woman of all time and won three Olympic gold medals, and Tommie Smith, the football wide receiver and track athlete who made the iconic Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics.

‘Avengers 4’ Reported to Have ‘Lengthy’ Run Time

Everyone is waiting with bated breath for any news about ‘Avengers 4,’ particularly after such a crazy cliffhanger from the end of the third movie earlier this year. But this latest piece of news has everyone harboring mixed feelings.

According to a Collider interview with director Joe Russo, he said it could easily be a three-hour film. With such packed storylines, this is one film you don’t want to miss a detail of, but it also might not be for those with weak bladders.

“But I think that, you know we’re very hard on the material,” he said. “We like it to play at a certain pace…I’m sure that we’ll squeeze it.”

But he does note that he still has a whole year to work out the movie, so it’s impossible to truly make an assessment of how long the film will be.

Google Staff Stages Walk Out for Handling of Sexual Misconduct Cases

Hundreds of Google employees around the world walked out of their offices on Thursday to protest the company’s lack of initiative in punishing executives accused of sexual misconduct.

The protest is being called “Walkout For Real Change” and is coming a week after the New York Times story that tells the story of Android software creator Andy Rubin and the sexual misconduct allegations against him. The report said Rubin received a $90 million severance package in 2014 even though Google found the allegations were true.