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Brandon “Young Busco” Moore, the creator of the “What Are Those?” vine clip that took social media by storm in 2015, has reportedly passed away at 31. His wife, Noonie, told TMZ he died in his sleep on Sunday in their North Carolina home. He had no known health complications.

“Our law enforcement sources say an autopsy was performed and there are no signs of foul play … or any obvious cause of death,” TMZ reports. ‘Brandon’s family and authorities are now waiting on a toxicology report.”

There’s no denying the impact Moore had on meme culture in the past few years. His video clip, which finds him poking fun at an officer’s questionable choice of footwear as a woman is arrested in the background, blew up when it was uploaded to Instagram. As of press time, it has over 8.5K likes, and sparked a series of remakes across social media.


“Busco lived, and the world knows he lived,” his mother, Valerie Cooper, told PEOPLE. “He left something for everybody. His Instagram, pictures, and stories and skits and raps, all of that is there forever. He left something for all of us and I’m proud.”

“I know he’s looking down and he’s seeing the fruits of his labor,” Cooper added. “It wasn’t labor to him, it was love. Brandon was love. He was the center of our family.”

The meme phrase is featured on Urban Dictionary, and also memorably appeared in Marvel’s Black Panther earlier this year to the joy of audiences everywhere.

We’re grateful for Moore’s contribution to the Black Twitter community, which often served as an escape during the trying times of the present social climate. Below, a compilation of the best “What Are Those?” memes ever made.

Rest in peace, Busco, and thanks for the laughs.