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Marcus and Markieff Morris Switched Places For Exams

The Morris twins were on their bullsh-t in grade school, apparently.

The twins told The Athletic‘s Jay King and Fred Katz that they used to switch uniforms when they were on the same AAU squad as kids, but also in school settings.

“We switched classes a few times actually,” Marcus said. “You know what, in high school, we had all the same classes. In college, we had all the same classes. Probably in middle school, we switched classes.”

“When you’re younger, we all had the same tests,” Marcus continued. “So I took the test and then I knew what the questions were going to be again. And then I just took it for him.”

Julián Castro Takes Steps Toward 2020 Run

Former mayor of San Antonio and Obama administration cabinet official Julián Castro announced on Wednesday that he’s taking steps toward a 2020 presidential run.

“Americans are ready to climb out of this darkness,” Castro said in a video statement. “We’re ready to keep our promises. And we’re not going to wait, we’re going to work. I’m exploring a candidacy for president of the United States in 2020.”

Castro is promising wider access to health care and to support immigrants.

Killer Mike is Getting His Own Netflix Show

Killer Mike of the band Run the Jewels is making his way to Netflix with a new TV show.

Trigger Warning with Killer Mike is scheduled to arrive early next year and will be taking a look at cultural taboos.

Trigger Warning is about examining cultural taboos and giving viewers the space to examine the ‘what ifs’ and ‘why nots’ that limit how some people move and operate in the world,” Killer Mike explained. “In six episodes, we explore the human condition using nontraditional approaches.”

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