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You’ll probably never hear us say this again…but give the American people what they want!!

In a new survey from GraphicSpring, they have found that Americans and Brits are ready for a new kind of Santa. We’ve seen boring white man Santa. We’ve seen Black man Santa. We’ve seen Mrs. Clause of either race. But now…get ready for genderqueer Santa.

While most people (72.2 percent) think Santa should remain a man (boooooo, no fun) and 10.6 percent want a female Santa, 17.2 percent are ready for a gender-neutral Mx. Clause. In addition of this, they’re down for them becoming a little more hipster (18 percent), changing their reindeer-led sleigh into a car (22 percent) or a hoverboard (17 percent). Also, they recommended abiding by standard labor laws and giving the elves a break by having Santa use Amazon prime (23 percent).

While they were at it, 18 percent believe that Mx. Clause needs a new hairstyle and 20 percent think that they should get some nice tattoos. But 21 percent think Santa needs to go on a diet—and we’re really not here for the body shaming.

But who knows! Will we see a progressive, gender-neutral Santa Clause who brings equal rights to LGBTQ+ children and all-gender restrooms to every establishment? Maybe a multiracial Santa Clause who moved to the Caribbean to catch a tan and a vacation from the North Pole? We already know the old, white dude Santa is played out—so hopefully in 2019 and beyond the Hallmark and Netflix movies will surprise us with some new ish.