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Igrew up in sunny West Palm Beach, FL, which is just a 45-minute drive away from Miami. That said, when it came to going home for the holidays during my college days at FIU, you could bet I was planning my trip home weeks in advance. But listen, now that I’m living in NYC, that back-to-back plane trip just to be back at the office the day after New Years is not the wave (not to mention the heightened chances of getting sick while being cooped up with other travelers, which I did last year, smh), which is why I’m staying my ass put this year.

For WalletHub’s latest report, they took a look at the 100 biggest U.S. cities based on 31 key indicators of a fun (and affordable) Christmas. Between the pressure to uphold traditions and the strain the holidays put on your wallet, it’s no wonder why Christmas is also one of the most stressful times of the year. But not in 2018! Perhaps you feel as apathetic as I do. Or maybe you’re just looking for an adventure. Whichever boat you fall in, WalletHub’s list of the best places to celebrate Christmas might just have you booking a last-minute ticket.

Check out the stats below.

Best Cities for Christmas Celebrations

1 Orlando, FL

2 Las Vegas, NV

3 New York, NY

4 Atlanta, GA

5 Pittsburgh, PA

6 San Francisco, CA

7 Los Angeles, CA

8 Chicago, IL

9 Seattle, WA

10 Dallas, TX

11 St. Louis, MO

12 Washington, DC

13 Cincinnati, OH

14 Birmingham, AL

15 Denver, CO

16 Houston, TX

17 Portland, OR

18 Tampa, FL

19 Miami, FL

20 Austin, TX


Want the lowest-prices Christmas party ticket? Fresno, California has the lowest average price at $9.00, which is 5.4 times lower than in Plano, Texas, where the average ticket will cost you $48.21.

If you’re looking for variety, New York has the most Christmas events per square root of the population (surprise!), while Wichita, Kansas has the fewest (but ain’t nobody tryna go there anyway).

Miami has the most Christmas tree farms per square root of the population, and I can attest (they are literally ev-er-y-where during holiday season). Fort Worth, Texas is the city with the fewest.

Orlando, Florida, has the most gift shops per square root of the population, while Garland, Texas has the fewest.

If you have a lot of kids in your life, New York is the toy store mecca.

Check out the rest of the stats here.