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Mr. Porter’s The Journal teamed up with Philadelphia Eagles Defensive End Michael Bennett for a tour of his closet for their new series, Amazing Wardrobe. The star football player’s been putting in work on the field for over a decade, from his high-school days in Houston, then with Texas A&M and the Seattle Seahawks before becoming a Super Bowl champ and three time Pro Bowler with Philly.

“Fashion is another way to express yourself. I love pieces that celebrate who I am as a person.”

But he’s as well known for his star moves as he is for being a man without a censor. His April 2018 memoir, Things That Make White People Uncomfortable, features bold commentary on racism, gun violence and the Black experience that can be highly risky in the wake of Colin Kaepernick’s blackballing by the league– a risk he gladly takes on. True to form, he’s also a risk-taker when it comes to style, from the red, fur-trimmed coat that makes him “feel like King Joffe Jophur,” to his love of gaudy kicks. “Fashion is another way to express yourself. I love picking pieces that celebrate who I am as a person,” he says.

Check out the video above for an exclusive look inside Bennett’s closet and visit MR. PORTER to read the full interview and shop some of his picks.