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Dustin really isn’t trying to see you out here getting cancelled by all of Black Twitter (because y’all know once you’re cancelled, that’s IT for your mentions), so on this installment of Grown Man Sh*t, he’s showing you how to CYA:

Cover. Your. Ass.

First things first: in making sure your timeline is Twitter police proof, one must first go through and search for buzzwords that could algorithmically come back to bite you later. In this example, Dustin searches for “Beyoncé” along with his Twitter handle—’cause nobody better be talking sh*t about Beyoncé. Other buzzwords to look for are those that include anything related to race, religion, and sexuality that could offend certain groups of people.

After assuring you’re clear, it’s onto the next step, which is making sure any attacks you’ve launched on folks in the Twittersphere were warranted. Upon looking deeper, he sees that he’s come for people like Tomi Lahren, which—as it goes without saying—was totally warranted. As Dustin says, these are tweets you want to keep, because they say more about you then they do about them… “in a good way.” 😉

It’s also important that your social media timelines accurately reflect who you are today. That said, go back and make sure you didn’t say some wild problematic sh*t back when you were 16 and didn’t know better, because age ain’t nothing but a number to the Twitter police—and tbh, you should’ve known better.

Follow Dustin’s advice and you’re in the clear… or at least you should be. You know folks have a way of finding that ONE tweet from 2010 that you entirely forgot about.

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