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NBA: MAR 17 Nets at Clippers

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Lou Williams is probably going to win the NBA’s 6th Man of the Year award for the 2018-19 NBA season, which would be the third time he’s taken home that award in his career. Williams is averaging 20 and 5 off the bench for a surprising Clippers team that no one expected to make the postseason this year. Instead, the Clippers are tied with the Utah Jazz for at 5th in the Western Conference and only 1.5 games behind the Portland Trailblazers for the No. 4 seed.

However, there was a chance that Williams career could have ended way back in 2011. On Christmas Eve, a man armed with a gun pulled up to his car looking to rob him. Instead of a robbery or any kind of violence, the armed man recognized Williams, remembered all the things Williams had done for the community in Philadelphia, and ended up going to McDonald’s for a free meal instead.

Bleacher Report reporter Taylor Rooks had Williams on her podcast a while back, and asked him about the incident, and here’s how he told the story.

If nothing else, this shows that no good deed goes unnoticed. There are a lot of NBA players who do things for their adopted communities that they’re not advertising on the daily. So many come from impoverished communities and give back because they genuinely care about seeing these communities get the basic tools for survival in today’s world.

Real recognize real, and the gunman literally could not take from someone who had given so much to where he came from. Thankfully for Williams, that fateful night ended with talking and food instead of violence and potentially more jail time for a man already down on his luck.