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Nick Bosa Cleans Twitter Timeline of Pro-Trump & Anti-Black Tweets

Source: Icon Sportswire / Getty

Nick Bosa is thinking about his future in the NFL ahead of the draft. So much, in fact, that the usually outspoken top-prospect decided to scrub his Twitter account of pro-Trump and anti-Black Tweets to protect his draft stock.

Speaking with Kevin Van Valkenburg of, when asked why he chose to delete his Tweets that displayed his love for Agent Orange and Ronald Reagan (and calling Colin Kaepernick a “clown” because of his kneeling protest), he said, “I had to,” adding, “There is a chance I might end up in San Francisco.”

Now, he really he doesn’t “have to” to do anything because he is going to get drafted regardless, and let’s be real honest: he is a white man that is considered by experts to be the second top draft prospect going into the draft.

Bosa is clearly well aware the San Francisco 49ers hold the second pick in this year’s NFL Draft, so he’s thinking maybe they don’t want a pro-Trump, Kaepernick-hating individual on their team. We were definitely speaking sarcastically if you couldn’t tell.

But is it too late? His anti-Blackness is well documented already from calling Beyoncé’s music “complete trash,” Black Panther the “worst Marvel movie of all time,” asking “can there be a human worse than Draymond Green?” and saying Dwyane Wade looks like a “parrotfish.” So he might have a massive target on his back if and when he enters a league where 70 percent of his future co-workers are Black.

So we won’t be mad nor surprised if he gets knocked on his ass a few times. Unfortunately, we will see that when your skin has the right tone, it’s quite alright to be outspoken in the league. We are sure owners like Jerry Jones, and Bob McNair would love to have Bosa on their teams and not call him an “inmate” or suggest that he will have to “toe the line” like they told their Black players.