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***The following post will contain spoilers from episode four “The Last Of The Starks”***

The final season of Game of Thrones has been leaving fans in shock and awe, but the latest occurrence is raising a lot of eyebrows. After viewers complained last week about the darkness of “The Long Night,” things get even crazier for those that pay attention to every detail on the show.

As The Knights of The North celebrated their victory against the White Walkers, goblets of ale and wine were passed around in glee. Tormund Giantsbane gives overwhelming praise to the heroic Jon Snow, to which Daenerys Targaryen feels threatened by her claim to the throne being taken away. What was spotted in a brief shot, however, was a Starbucks coffee cup on the table near “The Mother of Dragons.”

Was this a major oversight by the figureheads of HBO and the producers of GoT, or more of an elaborate ruse to play after last week’s controversy?

Depending on the outcome, it was no matter as social media went into a frenzy with this latest development. One by one, tweets poured out expressing intrigue, confusion, and amusement over the whole ordeal.

With two more episodes to go in the series, the bloopers are beginning to become the next dramatic sequence over who will kill who for the Iron Throne. We should all keep our fingers on the pulse going into next Sunday.