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Imagine your Echo Dot screaming mother you know what at you in Samuel L. Jackson’s voice. It has become a reality, Amazon announced today (September 25) that legendary actor, is signed on to be Alexa’s first celebrity voice. During a significant project reveal in Seattle, the tech giant announced the new feature will be available in the form a 99-cent upgrade.

According to Amazon using Jackson’s iconic voice the Echo “can tell you jokes, let you know if it’s raining, set timers and alarms, play music and more – all with a bit of his own personality.”  The new feature will also mark the first time a voice will be available in either“explicit and non-explicit.” Cause honestly who wants to hear Sam Jack saying wake up mother lover, even though that would sound hilarious at the same time.

Amazon stated other celebrity voices will be available next year. So hopefully Cardi B is on the way, and it would be farfetched being the company featured the “Bodak Yellow” rapper in a recent Super Bowl ad. The addition of Jackson’s voice to the Echo wasn’t the only thing Amazon revealed today. Also announced was a  $59 version of the Echo Dot primarily designed for bedstands and features a clock. They also showed a $200 high-end model called the Studio as well as a new Flex model plus new Bose-powered wireless earbuds called Echo Buds.
Apple and Google are nipping at Amazon’s heels with Siri and Google Assistant. So it makes perfect sense for Amazon to be going to so hard with Alexa at this latest event. We genuinely believe the company is on to something with the addition of celebrity voices. It gives people who were on the fence about smart speakers an excellent reason to consider an Echo powered device. We can’t wait for our Echo to ask us “English motherf*****, do you speak it?”
Photo: Frazer Harrison / Getty

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