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The internet always wins.

Self-proclaimed “future attorney, future author, content creator, entrepreneur, and investor” C.J. King is getting dragged online after he tweeted that he is now “the prize.” Apparently, the recent Law School graduate thinks he’s reached a “new category” of manhood because he is — his words, not ours — a Black male professional who is single, heterosexual, young, has two degrees, no criminal record, and no baby mama drama.

No, really, he actually tweeted that nonsense:

Prior to that ignorance, he wrote on Instagram “Black women don’t want to deal with a black man who’s gay/down low, has baby mama issues, or has a felony conviction/record/in jail which collectively is a large percentage of our race unfortunately as statistically 37% of black men are in jail while 1/3 of black men have some form of criminal record.”

C.J. added “With this massive criteria that black women don’t want in when dating a black man they have essentially drastically limited the dating pool of viable black men that majority of black women are currently after which means everyone doesn’t get picked and statistically 70% of black women go unmarried….you see where I’m going here?? … You tell me who’s the real prize here???”

This isn’t the first time he’s put his arrogance out there for the world to see. “Ladies you gotta sell us on your dream just like we selling you on ours too!! I’m only gonna buy into one woman’s dream….so who’s it gonna be?,” he tweeted in April.

So ladies, tell us, which one of you lucky women is it going to be?! Ha!

Anyway, this week Twitter folks decided they had time to go in on the young, highly misguided bachelor, who we’re guessing will remain single for a very, very, VERY long time. Justified slander below.