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Twitter Can't Get Enough Of Brazilian Pop Star Anitta & Her Booty Shaking

Source: John Parra / Getty

If you haven’t heard about Anitta, allow us to put you on to our latest Cassius Gem

Born Larissa de Macedo Machado, there is a strong possibility you saw the 28-year-old Brazilian singer/songwriter and her ummm assets grace your Twitter timeline recently and immediately pondered who in the world is that? Hailing from Brazil, which appreciates a nice booty and is the birthplace of the “Brazilian butt lift” surgery, Anitta is not afraid to flaunt her cakes. She puts her moneymaker front and center, whether that’s on a stage performing or in a music video putting her culo (that’s booty in Espanol) on full display thanks to her stage drip.

Recently videos of the music star’s performances have been hitting social media, shaking what her momma gave her and putting her on people’s radar. Many now want a front-row ticket to her concert.

People in North America are now just learning about her, don’t get it twisted, she’s been on and popping, and more than likely, her millions of fans are asking where yall been at? She has 16 million followers on Twitter and on Instagram, an astounding 59.5 million followers just waiting to see her next post. She quickly rose to national fame after dropping her song “Show das Poderosas” in 2013. The video garnered over 150 million views. We obviously see why Warner Music Brasil wasted no time signing her. 

Now, she is pushing her latest single, “Boys Don’t Cry,” a more western flavored single that has already become Pop radio’s most added song. The video, released about a month ago, already has amassed 20 million views on YouTube, which is impressive.

But, we know why y’all are here, you want to see more of the star, and we understand entirely. You can hit the gallery below to see more reactions to her performance videos and shots from the gram.

Photo: John Parra / Getty

1. When is she coming stateside?

2. Now, we do too.

3. Well damn

4. Sizzling hot

5. We’re all Anitta fans now

6. Sheesh