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Ed Reed is now apologizing for expletive-laden tirades in which he said HBCUs had broken mentalities. The outspoken NFL Hall of Famer also referenced Deion Sanders’ recent heat over leaving the head football coaching gig at Jackson State University in favor of the University of Colorado.

“Prime was not wrong about what he was saying. All y’all out there with y’all opinions full of crap,” Reed said in the first of two clips uploaded to social media on Sunday. The newly announced head coach of the Bethune-Cookman Wildcats was on his way to the team’s outdoor facilities in Daytona Beach, FL. “Don’t know [expletive], but needless to say, we’re going to try to help y’all too, man,” he continued. “Because I know a lot of HBCUs need help. I’m just here to help here first.”

“All of our HBCUs need help. And they need help because of the people who’s running it,” Reed further added. “Broken mentalities out here. I’m going to leave you with that. I gotta get in the office…”

However, some people felt he dragged the whole HBCU sports collective with his rant. So the Louisiana native responded to critics with a second, angrier video. He slammed the condition of the field, which was allegedly covered in garbage, and the fact he was already working for BCU even though he still hadn’t officially inked his deal. “People just want money,” Reed said. “That’s why I don’t f**k with social networks. F**k outta here man!”

But his language and approach apparently did not sit well with the institution. So by early Monday morning, the eagerly brash Reed had made another upload to social media. This time, however, it was an apology for Sunday’s outbursts.

“My language and tone were unacceptable as a father, coach and leader,” his statement read. “My passion for our culture, betterment and bringing our foundation up got the best of me and I fell victim while engaging with antagonists on social media as well.”

Reed also acknowledged that BCU administration and the school’s athletic director even spoke with him about a plan of action. “My passion is about getting and doing better,” he wrote, “and that goes for me too.”

See how Twitter’s reacting to Ed Reed publicly trashing a HBCU: